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Child Protection and Safety for 1st-3rd Graders

Child Protection and Student Safety at KISJ Elementary Throughout the year, the counselors lead lessons on safety and child protection for our KISJ Elementary students. The lessons below are from our Second Step Child Protection Curriculum which we use here at KISJ.  We have the curriculum materials for K-5th grade and the Kindergarten lessons can be adjusted for JK use as well. For each grade level, the concepts and objectives remain the same, however the lessons are unique per each grade.
Second Step Child Protection Unit Scope and Sequence Second Step Child Protection Lesson Plan Sample Academic Alignment and Child Protection Units
In addition to the Second Step Child Protection unit, Counselors also lead other lessons throughout the year that reinforce and extend Child Protection and Safety skills.
Examples of Additional Lessons lead by the Counselors that focus on and/or Support Child Protection and Safety: Meet the Counselor (Counselors are here to help all KISJ students) Kelso’s …

Helping Students Solve Problems Independently

At KISJ Elementary, we use Kelso's Choices to teach our students how to solve small (kid-sized) problems. It is normal for everyone to have conflicts from time to time. It is also normal for children to be faced with conflicts and often times they may be unsure of how to solve them. By teaching our students to solve small problems independently, we are helping to prepare them with tools and tips to solving conflicts peacefully.

In grade 2, students get the chance to hear stories from the Kelso's Choice storybook 'The Willow Pond'. In the storybook, there are 5 different stories that talk about both small and big problems. During Quarter 1, a story from the book is shared with grade 2 students each week. This week, we learned about BIG problems and how to identify safe adults that can help us. Check out some of their work below!