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Recess and the Fundamental Four: Communication!

Each quarter, we focus on one of our FUNDAMENTAL four  dragon values. Our Fundamental Four Dragons Values are: Respect, Responsibility, Collaboration and Communication. This quarter, we will focus on Communication.  Communication is tied into everything we do. Our goal at KISJ is to help educate students on the importance of healthy communication. Over the next few weeks, our second and third graders will be learning about communication in guidance class.

Here are some of the 'thinking points' we will be exploring together:

What does communication mean? How do we communicate in different ways? What does a strong communicator do? How can strong communication help us?  We will also be using some fun games in class to help us learn more about communication.

In grade 1, we will be learning more about recess and ways to have a better recess time with each other. Last Friday, I went to all the grade 1 classes and asked students, 'How do you feel about recess?' Overwhelmingly, …

Back to School-2018/19

Welcome back KISJ Dragons! I am so excited for a brand new year filled with learning, growth, and FUN! This year there have been some exciting new changes to the ES Campus!

For the past two years at KISJ, I have worked as the JK-2nd School Counselor. While I have LOVED working with JK and K students and families, there has been another Counselor hired, Ms. Esther Hockey who will be working specifically with these groups. Ms. Hockey is new to KISJ but has lots of experience working with children and families. We are excited to welcome her to KISJ! This year, I will be working with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students. I am excited to work with grade 3 again and get to know the wonderful grade 3 team!

My 1st and 2nd grade classes will still have weekly classroom guidance lessons with me and my 3rd grade will have lessons every other week. Check out my class schedule below!

3D and 3C class lessons (every other week)
3B and 3A class lessons (every other week)

2A, 2B, 2C cl…