DRAGONS Week 2018!

During DRAGONS Week this year, I had the chance to join JK on their field trips! We went to two different places this year and we had a great time learning how to make our community a better place. Our first trip was to the Nursing Home where our JK students read books to the members of the home. It was great to see so many of the students reach out and connect with the members of the home even though there was an 80 or 90 year age gap between them! We learned that all people have feelings and that a smile and a story can truly make someone's day!

Later on in the week, we went to a local beach for a beach clean-up! The students were really surprised at all of the trash that was on the beach. We collaborated in small groups of 5 to pick up the trash and make our beach cleaner. With my group, we talked about how seeing the trash made us feel. Many students shared that seeing the trash on the beach made them feel sad and angry. Some students felt sad about the trash but felt happy about cleaning it up. Afterwards, we had some fun in the sand as we had a chance to build sand castles and enjoy our newly cleaned beach! Check out some of my favorite photos from the week below!

Reading Stories and Sharing Smiles
Let's Clean Up the Beach!
Wow! Look at that trash!

Some fun in the sun!

Sharing toys!


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