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Kindness Detectives in Grade 2 (continued)

As we continue learning about Kindness detectives in grade 2, we begin to consider how we show kindness to our classmates! We learned about the word EMPATHY and what it means to be an empathetic person. Classdojo created some very helpful student videos to help teach empathy! Check them out below!

The students LOVE classdojo videos and they can be great tools to use when starting conversations about empathy. 
How can you build empathy in your child? Here are 3 tips!
1. When reading books or watching movies, talk to your child about how different characters are feeling. This can help your child begin to recognize other's emotions. 
2. Volunteer! This is a great way to give back to the community and show your child that they can make a positive impact on the world. 
3. When your child helps someone, ask them to reflect on how it feels and how it made the other person feel too! It can also be helpful to do this when your child hurts someone or makes someone upset. Have them consider, …