Why do we teach kids about Safe and Unsafe Touch?

At KISJ, we teach our students all about safe and unsafe touches. As children grow and develop, they often express their feelings through touch. For example, when I child feels comfortable or safe with someone, they may hug them or come close to them; if they feel angry, they may try to hit or push. There are many different children at school and they all have different comfort levels with touch. 

By creating a common language around touch, we are showing students safe ways to treat others. It is important to teach children what is considered safe touch and what is considered unsafe touch. This helps them understand the limits and boundaries that other people have and that we have at school. 

Unsafe touch: Any touch to your body that makes you feel uncomfortable, hurt, scared, or confused. Unsafe touches include: hitting, pinching, kicking, pulling, touching without asking, and touching private parts of others. 

Safe touch: Any touch to your body that feels comfortable, safe, and respectful. Safe touches include: hugging (after asking first), high-5s, and handshakes.

It is common for children to have a curiosity about their body or the bodies of others. While we never want to punish this curiosity, it is important that we set limits for our children here at school to help keep everyone comfortable and safe. 

We also teach students that there are parts of their body that are private. These are parts of the body that are covered by a swimsuit. Students are taught that they shouldn't touch other people on private parts of their body and people shouldn't touch them on those parts either. The only expectations are if an adult you feel safe with is helping you clean or is making sure you are healthy/safe. 

We teach our students that their body belongs to them and that no one should touch their body in an unsafe way. If someone touches them in an unsafe way, they should ALWAYS tell an adult they trust. 

Talk to your child more about safe and unsafe touches and what to do if they ever feel unsafe! 


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