Kindness Detectives in Grade 2

In grade 2, we started learning about how to be kindness detectives!

What is a KINDNESS detective? 
A Kindness detective is someone who learns more about kindness and tries to 'spot' the kindness around them. Kindness detectives seek to learn more about why people are kind and ways we can be kind to others.

We start to look at how we treat ourselves kindly. Here are some ways we discussed:

  • Eating healthy foods. 
  • Getting enough sleep. 
  • Exercising. 
  • Having a growth mindset. 
  • Saying kind things to ourselves. 
We then practiced saying positive things to ourselves. It can sometimes feel a bit strange to say kind things about yourself or to yourself- so we needed some practice! We used this video below to help us practice. 

Afterwards, we tried to look deeper into ourselves and think about the things we like about ourselves. The students learned that when you treat yourself kindly, it helps you get through difficult or challenging times. 

How are you kind to yourself? 


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