Glass Castle with Grade 1!

On the Friday before Spring Break, I had the opportunity to join First Grade on their field trip to Glass Castle. Even though Glass Castle is right down the road from KISJ, many students had never been! It was my second time going to Glass Castle and I can say that I had even MORE fun this time around! Check out some of the photos from the day!

Starting the day off! 

Glass Maze 

It can be pretty tricky!

Look at that!

Glass Village 

Wow! How did they make those?!


We love Glass Castle!


Wow! That is a big ring!


Look at those funny faces!

Can you make the same face as the statue?



Don't worry! It won't fall!


'Too many pictures Ms. Sara!'

Sharing and taking turns!

What do you see?

Now we get to paint!

Wow! What great listeners

New Glasses!

This painting is so realistic!

Very regal!


What a great group! 


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