Kindergarten Collaboration!

In Kindergarten Guidance Lessons, we have started learning all about our next Dragon Value, 'Collaboration'. The word, 'Collaboration' is quite a long word! Our Kinder students knew and understood what 'Teamwork' was and we used that knowledge to build upon. Now our Kinder students have stronger understanding of collaboration as we go into quarter 4! To introduce this dragon value, we used some team-building games were students needed to collaborate and work together. 

Our first game was called 'Pass the Hoop'. In this game, students try to pass the hula hoop around the circle while holding hands. This can be pretty tricky so collaboration is key! Students found they were more successful when they were working together and helping each other.  We talked about ways that we could pass the hoop around the circle faster and what we should do if it got stuck or we needed help. Here are some of the ideas the students had to help improve their collaboration skills during the game: 
  • Help out the people beside you if they need it. 
  • Look and pay attention to the hoop. 
  • Look for what is working with others. 
  • Don't pull your hands or move your body if it isn't your turn. 
  • If someone messes up, don't say mean or hurtful things. 
  • If someone falls, we don't laugh- we try to help! 

Working together in our 'Pass the Hoop' Game! 

'Students learned they could try different ways of passing through the hoop!' 
'Slow and steady!' 
'One step at a time!' 
'Collaboration is fun!' 
Our next game was called 'Hide the Monster' game. I have a stuffed 'Worry Eater' Monster (don't worry, he is a friendly monster who isn't scary!). During the game, one student would hide the monster in the room while another student waited in the hallway. When the student in the hallway came back in, the rest of the class collaborated together to help the student find the monster! The trick of the game was that they couldn't speak or point- they could only HUM! The closer they got to the monster, the louder the hum would go.  Throughout the game, we would stop and talk about ways we could collaborate better and work together. 

We had so much fun that the class asked if we could play again in the future! 

'The hummer's waiting patiently while the monster was being hid!'
'Getting Closer!' 
We had so much fun in kindergarten learning about collaboration! Games can be a great way to build character development in children and makes learning fun! If you want to build more collaboration skills with your child at home, try some of the strategies below!
  1. Cook or build something together with your child. 
  2. Model encouraging language when you are making something or doing an activity together. 
  3. Encourage your child to share their ideas or strategies they want to try during activities. 
  4. Model respectful listening. 
  5. Read with your child and talk about how the characters in the story work together or help one another. 
What other ideas or suggestions do you have that can help build collaboration skills? 


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