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Teaching Responsibility in JK!

In JK, we started learning all about RESPONSIBILITY! The students knew that this was a big word and many of them were curious about what it meant. We talked about how responsibility is taking care of yourself and others. We read the book, "All By Myself" by Mercer Mayer. The kids loved the story and hearing about all the things Critter can do. Afterwards, we made a list of things that we can all do by ourselves. The students then chose one of their favorite things that they can do all by themselves and illustrated/wrote about it. Check out some of their work below!

Our Brain is ALWAYS Changing and Growing!

In grade 2, we have been learning all about GROWTH MINDSET! To conclude our unit on Growth Mindset, students were able to create their very own BRAINS! They were very excited to make their own brains unique and colorful. Check out some of their fantastic work below!