Making New Friends and Including Others-Grade 1

In Grade 1, we have started learning about how to make new friends. During this unit, we read the story, 'Yeti and the Bird'. In the story, Yeti lives in a forest and does not have any friends. The other animals are scared of him and don't want to play with him. One day, a bird lands in the forest and is lost. Yeti is kind to the bird and they become friends. When winter comes, the bird has to leave because it is too cold for her in the forest. Yeti helps her find her way and the other animals see how kind he is. At the end of the story, the forest animals decide that Yeti is not scary and that he can be a great friend.

In class, students talked about ways they can make new friends. Students illustrated and wrote about how they can make new friends- check out some of the examples below!


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