Using the DRAGONS during Group Work

Each person has a role in the project!

Respectful group members!

In grade 2, we have been learning about Bullying and being an Upstander this month. To conclude the unit, we are making information posters on how we can be Upstanders and prevent bullying from happening at our school.

I organized the groups of students beforehand. Each class had five groups of four students. The groups were mixed up and I tried to have students work together with others that they normally may not work with. Before grouping up, we reviewed our KISJ Dragons and how we can use them during our group work.

Collaboration- 'We include everyone in the project and listen to other ideas.'
Communication- 'We use our connecting language (English) during our group project so everyone can be included and feel comfortable.'
Respect- 'We show kindness towards others and their ideas.'
Responsibility- 'We all add things to our poster and participate'

It was great to see all the students having fun and working well together. Great job grade 2!

Four heads are better than 1! 
Collaboration is Fun!
Working together is fun!

'Taking turns adding to the poster'

'Let's brainstorm some ideas first!' 

'We can share our ideas together!'


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