The start of Family Weekend at KISJ!

Parents are roaming the hallways today! Welcome to KISJ!

Family Weekend at KISJ is a fun time for our families to connect with our school. Today, our JK-3rd grade parents joined us for the first part of the day and were able to see the cool things going on in our classrooms. After spending some time in the classes, parents joined their students for lunch in the cafeteria. It was great to see all of the family members that came to be part of our school day.

What can you do with apples? 
Sharing stories in grade 2!

After lunch, our parents are able to help setup the fall festival that is held on the Middle School Field. Our Middle School advisory classes work hard to set up fun booths and activities for our elementary students. What is the best part of fall festival? Seeing all of the students dressed up in their costumes! I can't wait to see all of the creative, fun, and scary costumes this year!
Yum! A healthy lunch at KISJ!
Our KISJ Parents are enjoying lunch with their students!


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