Learning about Bullying in grade 2!

In second grade this month, we have started learning about Bullying. The students had lots of questions about bullying and they have been engaged in the unit. We read the story, 'Bully B.E.A.N.S' by Julia Cook. In the story, there is a bully named 'Bobbette'. Bobbette uses 'put-downs' towards other students- especially one boy named Winston. In the story, Winston is the target of the bullying. Often times, the other students stand by watching the bullying but do nothing to stop it. They are being 'BYSTANDERS'. One girl in the class talks to her mom about the bullying that is happening at school with Winston and Bobbette. The girl's mom then gives her some 'Bully BEANS'. The 'Bully BEANS' are magic jelly beans that show students that they can stand up to bullying and be an UPSTANDER! The students loved the story and learning about the bully beans!

Bullying is when someone repeatedly and on purpose says (put-downs) or does mean or hurtful things to someone else who has a hard time defending or protecting themselves.
Bully- The person who is repeatedly doing or saying mean or hurtful things towards the target.
Target- The person who is being bullied.
Bystander- Someone who watches bullying happen but does nothing to stop it.
Upstander- Someone who sees bullying happen and DOES something to stop it!
Put-down- A hurtful or mean thing that is said to someone else.

Teaching kids to be UPSTANDERS helps empower them to stand up for themselves and others. You can encourage your child at home to be an upstander too! Check out this video below for more information on being an upstander!


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