Friendship Celebration in Kindergarten!

For the past few weeks, we have been learning about 'Friendship Skills' in Kindergarten. We used the story 'Making Friends is an Art' by Julia Cook to introduce the topic. In the story, there is a colored pencil who feels left out. He never gets picked to color and doesn't play with the other pencils often. In the story, he learns that in order to make friends- he needs to BE a good friend. The pencil learns to share, listen to others, work together, and more!

 Our Kindergarteners created their 'Friendship Crowns' that include ways that they can be a good friend to others. The students loved making the crowns and making their own crown unique! For our last lesson in the unit, we had a 'Friendship Celebration'! During the celebration, we had special centers that the students could choose from and students could wear their friendship crowns! During the centers, I walked around the room looking for examples of students being 'good friends to others'. At the end of the celebration, we shared how we showed kindness towards our classmates. It was amazing to see all of the students working together, sharing, and being kind to one another. It truly was a celebration! 

'Friends work together!'
'We can take turns with the puzzle!' 

'Working together to build our Jenga tower' 
'Friends can share books too!'
'We did it!'
'Our puppets can play together!' 
'We love sharing books and reading together!' 


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