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Using the DRAGONS during Group Work

In grade 2, we have been learning about Bullying and being an Upstander this month. To conclude the unit, we are making information posters on how we can be Upstanders and prevent bullying from happening at our school.
I organized the groups of students beforehand. Each class had five groups of four students. The groups were mixed up and I tried to have students work together with others that they normally may not work with. Before grouping up, we reviewed our KISJ Dragons and how we can use them during our group work.

Collaboration- 'We include everyone in the project and listen to other ideas.'
Communication- 'We use our connecting language (English) during our group project so everyone can be included and feel comfortable.'
Respect- 'We show kindness towards others and their ideas.'
Responsibility- 'We all add things to our poster and participate'

It was great to see all the students having fun and working well together. Great job grade 2!

Hueree Park with Grade 2!

Today our grade 2 students and teachers had a chance to go to Hueree Park here in Jeju! It was a beautiful, crisp fall day and we had a great time! The students were so excited for the field trip and couldn't wait for the best part of the trip- picking oranges! Check out some of the pictures below from our trip! 

Learning about including others in JK!

In JK Guidance class, we have been learning all about being a good friend. We learned that it doesn’t matter how old or young you are- we should show kindness to everyone.

We read the story ‘One’ by Kathryn Otoshi. In the story, there is a big red circle who is mean and hurtful to a smaller blue circle. The number ‘1’ comes in and tells red to stop. The other circles see this and work together to stop red from being mean and hurtful. The circles then turn into numbers and show that ‘Everyone counts!’ This means that everyone is important!
After the story, the students illustrated how the numbers can all play together and show kindness! Check out their creative interpretations!

Kindergarten Field Trip!


Learning about Bullying in grade 2!

In second grade this month, we have started learning about Bullying. The students had lots of questions about bullying and they have been engaged in the unit. We read the story, 'Bully B.E.A.N.S' by Julia Cook. In the story, there is a bully named 'Bobbette'. Bobbette uses 'put-downs' towards other students- especially one boy named Winston. In the story, Winston is the target of the bullying. Often times, the other students stand by watching the bullying but do nothing to stop it. They are being 'BYSTANDERS'. One girl in the class talks to her mom about the bullying that is happening at school with Winston and Bobbette. The girl's mom then gives her some 'Bully BEANS'. The 'Bully BEANS' are magic jelly beans that show students that they can stand up to bullying and be an UPSTANDER! The students loved the story and learning about the bully beans!

IMPORTANT VOCABULARY Bullying is when someone repeatedly and on purpose says (put-downs) …

Friendship Celebration in Kindergarten!

For the past few weeks, we have been learning about 'Friendship Skills' in Kindergarten. We used the story 'Making Friends is an Art' by Julia Cook to introduce the topic. In the story, there is a colored pencil who feels left out. He never gets picked to color and doesn't play with the other pencils often. In the story, he learns that in order to make friends- he needs to BE a good friend. The pencil learns to share, listen to others, work together, and more!

 Our Kindergarteners created their 'Friendship Crowns' that include ways that they can be a good friend to others. The students loved making the crowns and making their own crown unique! For our last lesson in the unit, we had a 'Friendship Celebration'! During the celebration, we had special centers that the students could choose from and students could wear their friendship crowns! During the centers, I walked around the room looking for examples of students being 'good friends to others…

Fall Festival at KISJ 2017

Fall Festival at KISJ was a blast this year! We all had such a great time. Our parent community, high school students and middle school students really put together a great event! Check out some of the awesome photos from the day!

The start of Family Weekend at KISJ!

Family Weekend at KISJ is a fun time for our families to connect with our school. Today, our JK-3rd grade parents joined us for the first part of the day and were able to see the cool things going on in our classrooms. After spending some time in the classes, parents joined their students for lunch in the cafeteria. It was great to see all of the family members that came to be part of our school day.

After lunch, our parents are able to help setup the fall festival that is held on the Middle School Field. Our Middle School advisory classes work hard to set up fun booths and activities for our elementary students. What is the best part of fall festival? Seeing all of the students dressed up in their costumes! I can't wait to see all of the creative, fun, and scary costumes this year!