Weeks ahead in Jk-2nd

October 9th-October 23rd

JK- In JK, we will start learning about Personal Safety! We will be using a Stop Light to help us learn how to STOP, THINK, GO. If we see something unsafe, we need to STOP...THINK of a safe choice...and GO to tell someone. 

K- In Kinder, we are learning about Safe and Unsafe touch and Personal Safety! We are listening to the story, 'Miles is the Boss of His Body' and will be practicing 'My Body Belongs to Me!' sentences.

1st- In First Grade, we are learning all about Personal Space! We are using the book 'Personal Space Camp' by Julia Cook to learn about Personal Space and how it keeps us safe. 

2nd- In Second Grade, we are learning about the three different kinds of touch- Safe, Unsafe, and Unwanted touch. First, we will learn about unwanted touch and what we can do if someone touches us in a way that we don't want or feel comfortable with. 


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