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Healthy Habits- Last Week of Q1 Activity!


Stop, Think, Go! In JK

In JK, we are learning about how to make safe and unsafe choices using our 'STOP, THINK, GO!' Stop lights. During this unit, students learn how they can make safe, responsible choices.
STOP: Stop! It is time to stop and make sure things are safe.  THINK: Is this safe or unsafe? What is a safe choice?  GO: Make the BEST safe choice! 
Before we learn about these strategies, we learn about traffic lights! We talk about how traffic lights can help keep cars safe and how we can use this same idea whenever we see something unsafe!  The students love singing along with this song! 
After we sing the song, I show different pictures to students that show some problems they might have at school or at home. We practice the stop lights together and figure out the best choice for the situation. Some of the pictures include scenarios like:  Too many people on the monkey bars. Someone falling down and getting hurt. Someone taking your toy without asking. You want to play with someone else. Someon…

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Weeks ahead in Jk-2nd

October 9th-October 23rd

JK- In JK, we will start learning about Personal Safety! We will be using a Stop Light to help us learn how to STOP, THINK, GO. If we see something unsafe, we need to STOP...THINK of a safe choice...and GO to tell someone. 
K- In Kinder, we are learning about Safe and Unsafe touch and Personal Safety! We are listening to the story, 'Miles is the Boss of His Body' and will be practicing 'My Body Belongs to Me!' sentences.
1st- In First Grade, we are learning all about Personal Space! We are using the book 'Personal Space Camp' by Julia Cook to learn about Personal Space and how it keeps us safe. 
2nd- In Second Grade, we are learning about the three different kinds of touch- Safe, Unsafe, and Unwanted touch. First, we will learn about unwanted touch and what we can do if someone touches us in a way that we don't want or feel comfortable with. 

Learning about Touch

Each year in the elementary school, we do a unit on Safe and Unsafe touch. Often times, we call this our 'Personal Safety Unit'. Each grade level focuses on personal safety and how we can protect ourselves and others.

This year, I have introduced this unit in Kindergarten and Grade 2 with a book called, "Miles is the Boss of His Body". This book will also be shared with grade 1 this year as well, because the message is so important and valuable.

This book talks about a 6-year old boy named Miles who experiences some unwanted touches from his family members on his birthday. The book talks about how we are the bosses of our bodies. It is important for children to learn this at an early age and to begin to understand the importance of consent when it comes to any kind of touch. Check out the video below of the story.

In Kindergarten, students practice these two sentences:

My Body Belongs to Me!I am the Boss of my Body!  Especially at a young age, it is valuable to provid…

Healthy Habits-More Photos!

Before Chuseok Break, Healthy Habits activity made Healthy Fruit Kebabs! We had so much fun that day and the students enjoyed getting creative with their Kebabs. Some students made patterns out of the fruit!

Whenever we have 'Fun with Food Days' in activity, the students get to enjoy trying new healthy snacks! At the end of the day, we work together to clean up and make sure that our room is left neat and tidy. It is great to see the students work together and collaborate.