JK Listening Lessons!

For many JK students, it is their very first school experience! JK is full of so much excitement and joy. Sometimes it can be SO exciting that we forget to listen. Attentive listening is a lifelong skill that we can begin fostering at an early age.

Attentive listening can help people:

  • Understand what is happening around them 
  • Recognize important details 
  • Stay safe 
  • Prepare for what can happen next 
  • Connect with others 
  • Develop empathy 
  • Utilize critical thinking skills 
  • and more!

With our JK friends, we started with a story about a funny bunny who has trouble listening. In the story, Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen, Howard has trouble listening to his friends, teachers, and more! When Howard's ears are down, he is not listening; when his ears are up and his eyes are looking, he is ready to listen! Our JK students loved seeing the silly antics Howard finds himself in! Afterwards, we made our very own 'Listening Ears'!


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