Clark the Shark helps us learn the School Rules!

In Kindergarten Guidance Class, we have been learning about following the rules at school with Clark the Shark! 
Who is Clark the Shark? Clark is a shark who starts a new school and has a hard time learning the rules. In the story, Clark is so excited about school that sometimes he makes unsafe choices. Clark's teacher helps him learn the school rules and Clark soon realizes that it is COOL to follow the RULES. Check out the video below to see the story of Clark the Shark that we read in class. 

After the story, the students identified two rules they have at school- one for the classroom and one for recess. The students came up with some interesting and important rules that we have here at KISJ. 

'Raise your hand if you want to say something on the rug'
'Keep your hands to yourself' 
'Don't climb on the roof' (this one was my favorite-hahah) 
'We don't throw rocks on the playground' 

After we went through the rules, it was time for our Kinder Kids to get creative! They were able to create their very own Shark! We had so much fun sharing the materials, working together, and making our sharks unique! Check out some of their work below! 


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