Healthy Habits Activity and Emotional Safety

During quarter 1 this year, I am leading an activity from 3-4 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday called 'Healthy Habits'. In Healthy Habits, we have different things each day we meet.

  • TUESDAYS are called 'Balance Days'. On Balance days we learn about the new topic for the week and have some calming activities like arts and crafts. The reason they are called 'Balance' days is because sometimes we need to take some time to relax and ease into the week. 
  • WEDNESDAYS are called 'Movement Games Days'. On these days, we learn some new physical games or play some classic favorites that help us break a sweat! We learn that movement helps our bodies stay healthy. 
  • THURSDAYS are 'Fun with Food Days' on these days, we learn about different healthy foods and healthy snack recipes. The foods usually are connected with what we learned about on Balance Day. During this time, students get to partcipate in hands-on food creation and taste testing. Students are encouraged to try new things but also know they have a choice in participating. 
By establishing healthy habits at an early age, it helps set up students for success later on in life. Having a healthy body can help children have more energy and also increase their mood! 

There are also some 'healthy habits' that your child can do now to help them increase their emotional safety! Check them out below!
  • Healthy Habit #1: Talk about your feelings! 
  • Healthy Habit #2: Take some time to rest and relax.
  • Healthy Habit #3: Learn how to communicate your feelings. 
  • Healthy Habit #4: Use healthy coping skills when you are upset. 
  • Healthy Habit #5: Make good friendships. 
  • Healthy Habit #6: Get enough sleep at night. 
  • Healthy Habit #7: Get outside and experience some fresh air. 
  • Healthy Habit #8: If you need help, ask for it! 
  • Healthy Habit #9: Find what makes you feel good. 
  • Healthy Habit #10: Practice positive self-talk. 
Here are some pictures from some of the things we have done in Healthy habits activity! 
After tracing their bodies on the paper, students worked together to cut out the shape! Stay tuned for what we will make!

Team work in action! We made a rule that you could help trace but could not touch the person laying down. 

Learning about the Skeletal system with play-doh and straws!
Working hard!

How can we make the play-doh stand up straight?

Super focused!

So much fun!

We love Healthy Habits activity!


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