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Kelso's Choices in Grade 2

In grade 2 this week, we started practicing Kelso's Choices during Guidance Class. Returning students are already familiar from Kelso's Choices from last year, but may need a refresher. Our new students are still learning about Kelso's Choices and what these choices look like in action. This week, students gave examples of different types of 'small problems'. 
Small problems are problems that students can solve on their own without an adult's help! They can use Kelso's Choices to make safe choices when small problems arise. Students should try to use at least 2 Kelso's Choices when trying to solve a small problem before asking an adult for help. 
Each student came up with a small problem and then chose a Kelso's choice that could help solve it. The students were hard at work this week! Next week, we will learn about BIG Problems. 
BIG problems are problems that students may not be able to solve on their own and need an adult's help. They can tell…

Healthy Habits Activity and Emotional Safety

During quarter 1 this year, I am leading an activity from 3-4 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday called 'Healthy Habits'. In Healthy Habits, we have different things each day we meet.

TUESDAYS are called 'Balance Days'. On Balance days we learn about the new topic for the week and have some calming activities like arts and crafts. The reason they are called 'Balance' days is because sometimes we need to take some time to relax and ease into the week. WEDNESDAYS are called 'Movement Games Days'. On these days, we learn some new physical games or play some classic favorites that help us break a sweat! We learn that movement helps our bodies stay healthy. THURSDAYS are 'Fun with Food Days' on these days, we learn about different healthy foods and healthy snack recipes. The foods usually are connected with what we learned about on Balance Day. During this time, students get to partcipate in hands-on food creation and taste testing. Students are encoura…

A Brand New Year! A Brand New Office!

Happy First Day of School DRAGONS! 
I am so excited for the new year. In case you were wondering, the ES Campus has had some new exciting changes this year! We have some great new staff members, a fresh coat of paint on the walls, and some new offices! 
Looking for the JK-2nd Counselor? You can find me down at the end of the hall on the second floor- right past the Nurse's Office. Students will all get to see where my new space is for the year this week and next week. Come on by and say hello! 
Do you have TWITTER? If so you can follow me here to get more updates on the happenings of ES JK-2nd Counseling! @Counselor_Sara