My Mouth is a Volcano! All about Interrupting.

 In Kindergarten, we have been learning all about conversation skills. For this unit, we used one of my favorite books, "My Mouth is a Volcano" by Julia Cook. In the book, we meet Louis. Louis has problems interrupting. When Louis interrupts, he realizes that others are bothered by his behavior. One day, another student interrupts Louis; after that, Louis realizes that it doesn't feel good to be interrupted. In the story, we learn a strategy that can help us if we feel like we are going to interrupt.

  1. When you feel like you are going to interrupt, STOP!
  2. Take a deep breath in. 
  3. Take a deep breath out. 
  4. When it is your turn to talk, breath in again- and then share what you wanted to say. 
The students loved making their own volcanoes! They thought the volcanoes also made great party hats! 


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