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My Mouth is a Volcano! All about Interrupting.

In Kindergarten, we have been learning all about conversation skills. For this unit, we used one of my favorite books, "My Mouth is a Volcano" by Julia Cook. In the book, we meet Louis. Louis has problems interrupting. When Louis interrupts, he realizes that others are bothered by his behavior. One day, another student interrupts Louis; after that, Louis realizes that it doesn't feel good to be interrupted. In the story, we learn a strategy that can help us if we feel like we are going to interrupt.

When you feel like you are going to interrupt, STOP!Take a deep breath in. Take a deep breath out. When it is your turn to talk, breath in again- and then share what you wanted to say.  The students loved making their own volcanoes! They thought the volcanoes also made great party hats! 

Learning about Conversation Skills is a Hoot!

In Kindergarten, we have been learning all about conversation skills. We read the book, Lacey Walker Nonstop Talker by Christianne Jones. In the story, Lacey Walker is an owl who loves to talk. She loves to talk so much that she forgets to listen. One day, Lacey loses her voice and has no choice but to listen. She learns so much from listening and sees that it is important to balance listening and talking. You can check out the Video for the book below!

After reading the story, we talked about how important it is to share and take turns when we speak. We watched a Social Skills video about how we can take turns in conversations. The students were then able to practice this skill. We talked about how sharing a conversation is like sharing a pizza, everyone can get a slice! If one person takes up all of the words, then it isn't fair to others.

During this unit, we also had the chance to create our own 'Owl' that shows how we can share and take turns during conversations. Eac…