What's the scoop on Pre-K Guidance?

During Pre-K Guidance Classes this month, we have been learning all about conversation skills. In this unit, we used ice cream cones to learn about how to start a conversation with someone. Each part of the cone represents a part of the conversation! We called them 'Conversation Cones'.
  1. First we started with the cone! The cone shows that it is important to look at the person we want to talk to and smile! Eye contact and a smile goes a long way! We talked about how we would feel if someone wasn't looking at us when we tried to talk to them. The students agreed that it wouldn't feel very good. 
  2. The first scoop of ice cream is 'Hello!' There are many ways to say hello! We learned that saying hello to someone can be the first step of a friendship.
  3. The second scoop of ice cream is 'How are you?' We learned how it was important to listen to how someone else was feeling. 
  4. The third scoop shows how they are feeling themselves and says 'I am ____'. Students could choose how they were feeling and show their feeling face on the scoop. Many students chose silly, excited, or happy! 
  5. The last scoop showed how we can wave and say 'Goodbye!'.

The students enjoyed learning about conversation skills with the 'Conversation Cones'. While making the cones we talked about different ice cream flavors we liked. Many students thought that 4 scoops of ice cream was too much to eat and could give them a tummy ache! Check out our scoops below! 

You can help build conversation skills with your child at home too! Model appropriate conversation skills with others for your child and encourage them to greet their friends and family using the skills they have learned! 


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