Walking along the 'Peace Path' in grade 2

 In grade 2 Guidance Lessons, we've been on the 'Peace Path'!

 What is a Peace Path? Our 'Peace Path' is a tool that helps us learn how to work together and also to improve our relationships inside and outside of the classroom. Each week, we add another 'step' to our 'Peace Path'. This unit was originally inspired by the Peace First Program 
Group Brainstorming: What is empathy? 

Group Brainstorming: What is Empathy NOT?
Including others: How can we lower the Hula Hoop down while including everyone? 
What is included on the Peace Path? For our path, we have included the following steps: Cooperate, Communicate, Trust, Empathy and Patience. Each week, we discuss the word and what it means to us at KISJ. We use engaging games and activities to reinforce each word. Afterwards, we reflect on how we used the word in the activity and how it can help us in our daily lives. 

Group Brainstorming: What does Empathy sound like?
What are students learning? Students are learning many new skills. This unit encourages students to reflect on their actions and how their actions can affect others. These activities also help reinforce community and team building skills! 
Our grade 2 boys are practicing cooperation with our 'Untangle the Knot' game!

Wow! Look at that cooperation!

The girls are thinking hard about how to find a solution! Great work group!
How can parents support this at home? As a parent, you can support your child on their character development each and every day. As your child continues to grow, encourage them to reflect on their actions and behaviours. Provide opportunities for them to work with different types of people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Encourage them to take the 'Peace Path' when trying to connect with others. 


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