February Grade 2 Lessons

Wow! It is hard to believe it is almost the end of February.

During this month in Guidance class, we have started talking about what it means to be a 'Bully' and how we can stop bullying by being an upstander.

Grade 2 has been learning about the difference between Joking, Conflicts, Mean Moments, and Bullying. Do you know the difference?

Joking: Joking is when two friends are joking with one another. Both people are enjoying the joking and no one is getting hurt. If someone does get their feelings hurt, the joking stops. Joking should only happen between two friends who have a good relationship. Joking is NOT bullying.

Conflicts: Conflicts are a normal part of life. Everyone has conflicts sometimes. A conflict is when someone has one idea or feeling and someone else has a different idea or feeling. Sometimes this can cause a conflict or an argument. Conflicts are NOT bullying. Conflicts are when both people involved have a part of the conflict. Conflicts can be solved by using Kelso's choices!

Mean Moments: Mean Moments happen when someone does something mean or hurtful. Everyone has mean moments sometimes. When someone has a mean moment, it is NOT bullying. When someone is mean or hurtful, they might feel bad afterwards and apologize to the person they were mean to. Sometimes people have mean moments when they are frustrated or overwhelmed.

Bullying: Bullying is when someone is mean or hurtful to someone's things, feelings, or body. Bullying is when these mean or hurtful behaviors happen over and over and over again. With bullying, there is a difference in power between the people involved.


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