What does an Elementary Counselor Do?

Hello! My name is Sara Roberts and I am the PK-2nd grade Counselor for KISJ. This is my fourth year as a counselor and my first year at KISJ. I look forward to working with all of the wonderful students, families, and teachers here!

Many times people ask me, "What does an Elementary Counselor do?". In order to help answer some of these questions, I want to share some of the main parts of my job as an Elementary School Counselor.

  • Individual- One special part of my job as a counselor, is that I get to work with students individually. When I work with students individually, I am able to get to know the student more and understand their needs better. There are many things that we may talk about in my room. Sometimes we use art, games, or toys to talk about different things and express ourselves. 
  • Small Group- Throughout the year, I also work with small groups of students. If there is a specific need within a grade-level, I work with the teachers to choose students to work with me in small groups. During the small groups, we may work on social skills, school behaviors, or self-control. Each small group has about 6-8 students. I try to make my small groups fun for students and like to include games and creative activities. If your child gets chosen for a small group, don't worry! I try to give many students opportunities throughout the year to join small groups as I find them to be beneficial for many different types of students.
  • Classroom Guidance Lessons- Each week, I teach lessons on social skills, personal safety, emotion management, and more! It is a great chance for me to get to know the students better and also collaborate with the teachers. My classroom guidance lesson schedule is below: 
Monday: Ms. Tessa's PK Class and Ms. Ruppert's Grade 2 Class 
Tuesday: Ms. Corton's PK Class, Ms. Patricia's Kindergarten Class, and Ms. Amy's Kindergarten Class 
Wednesday: Ms. Gina Lende's Grade 2 Class 
Friday: Ms. Debaun's Grade 1 Class, Ms. Millar's Grade 1 Class, Mr. Gratz Grade 1 Class, and Ms. Amenta's Grade 2 Class 

  • Crisis Response- In cases of crisis, counselors are here to support the students. We work closely with administration and also teaching staff to support immediate needs in situations of crisis. 
  • Parent/Teacher Consultation- Counselors are here to help parents and teachers as well! We are available for you to schedule an appointment with us if you have any questions or concerns about how best to support your student! 
What questions do you have about the role of the School Counselor? Ask below!


  1. Hi Ms. Sara! I'm interested in becoming a school counselor abroad. I love the work you do and would love to chat with you about it. My email is nebush09@gmail.com.
    Hope to hear from you,


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