December Guidance Lessons for Elementary

It has been an awesome month here at KISJ! While December is a short month for students, we have been packed with special events and activities at the elementary school. Check out some of the things our students have been learning in Guidance Class with me!

PK- In PK, we have been learning about how we can be a good friend this semester. We read the book "Yeti and the Bird" by Nadia Shireen. The book focuses on how we can be a friend to everyone and to not judge them by how they look. After the story, we played a game called "Yeti, Yeti, Where is your Bird?" Students took turns being the Yeti and had to guess which student was holding the bird. It was a fun way to practice turn-taking and patience!

Kinder- In Kindergarten this month, we have been learning more about using I-messages and effective ways to express ourselves. We used Snowmen to practice writing our own I-messages! Try it with your child!

I feel _____________________ when __________________________. Please _________________.

I feel sad  when you don't share with me. Please share and take turns. 

Grade 1: We have been working on a unit on Making New Friends this quarter. We have used an acronym called S.I.F.T.I.N.G to learn all about making a new friend. This activity was created by Ms. Bell the Crafty Counselor! I loved it so much that I wanted to use it with our grade 1s!The acronym is spelled out below:

S- Smile and Say Hello!
I- Introduce yourself!
F- Find out what they like.
T- Talk about something fun.
I- Invite them to do something with you.
N- Name an activity you could do together in the future.
G- Goodbye! Say Goodbye!

At the end of our unit, the students got to create their own Yeti! Check them out below!

Grade 2: In grade 2, we have been working on giving and receiving compliments. Giving compliments not only makes others feel good, but also makes you feel good as well! Students created 'compliment presents' and drew random classmates out of a bowl. Afterwards, they wrote compliments on their presents and gave them to the students.


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